Neue CD 2015 „Just Another Step“ – Maybug

Die neue CD ist jetzt ´s raus und hier gibt es einen Vorgeschmack.



When Cherries Bloom (Walter F. Diet)

Dago de Levie: Bass, Michael Strobel: El Guitar, Annika Fehling: Vocals, Bodo Schopf: Drums
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
After one of those „great war films“ (where they always hoist the american flag at the end),
i once again felt sick of thinking of all those one legged war heroes….

Travelled far to see no distance the hourglass is out of sight
Put a light on in the tunnel let the blind man see the light
Miss my wife kids and boredom promise you will never bore at all
Spring’s return is in my village where I am’s eternal fall

Coming home to see the snowdrop
Coming home when cherrys bloom
Coming home to see the time stop
On a sunny afternoon

We are where the sun arises the afterglow builds his path
Is there hope to see the evening or is all we got aftermath
Is there a god out ther somewhere that I can lean on with no hope
Just lie to me in my limbo and give me the strenth to elope

My wife she’s a beauty how can I think of her when cannons roar
She filled my life with her love I emptied hers going off to war
My kids have grown that what dreams tell me
They laugh less day by day day
Why did I believe what those bastards told me
Is there a lord show me the way

Although I´m from here (Walter F. Diet)

Nancy McAnally: Vocals, Dago de Levie: Bass, Michael Strobel: Ac. Lead Guitar
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitar, Drums
Home is something really weird, unreflected and most of the time dishonest

And although I’m from here this is not where I’m from
This is where I feel homely and that’s where I belong
Where I know every leave and the tree where it’s from
And although I’m from here is this where I belong

Where I sleep with my neighbour where I feed their cats
Where I’m priest, saint and sinner where my son has his lads
When I drink i’m befriended and when I’m sober alone
And I love the surrounding but can this be my home

When they smile I am happy when they’re sad I don’t care
And its all on the surface don’t you scratch, don’t you dare
They help when you’re asking and they talk when you’re gone
They behave like befriended and your wife’s what they want

To Not Go Gently Into That Good Night (Words: Dylan Thomas/Music: Walter F. Diet)

Ray Hatfield/Norman Beaker: El. Guitars, Dago de Levie: Bass, Nancy McAnally: Vocals
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
I’ve never heard a word of Dylan Thomas‘ poetry until I gave my son the name Dylan. And I was heavily impressed by the man and the power of his words and the power of his performance and his ability to drag me into his world. Norman & Ray offered to play on it, and honestly, who could say no to the guitarist of Larry Garner or Martin Turner’s Whishbone Ash? And the musicianship is beyond all questions anyway.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light
Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on that sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, i pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Hotel (Walter F. Diet)

Dago de Levie: Bass, Spirit of Smokie (Andy Wheelan, Graham Kearns, Dean Barton): Vocals,
Andy Wheelan: El. Guitar, Michael Strobel: Lap Steel
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitar, Drums, Percussion
I love going on holiday with the caravan, sleeping in the car park of a supermarket (always fresh coffee, fresh croissants and a clean toilet in the morning). You stop whenever you like and disappear in the same way. No need for the great bed in a hotel – I’ve got that at home. „Spirit Of Smokie“ – what can one say – this are harmonies!!!

Put the camper van outside the swiming pool in town
A place in the shade under old oak trees
The bakery’s round the corner and children roam around
French bread and a coffee in the summer breeze

I stay in a hotel with 50000 stars
Your hotel only has got three
You hang around with red wine at the hotel bar
While the moon has a couple of cans with me

The kids sleep outside tonight for the silence of the lake
My wife shares the van with me
And when the gosts come from the woods they learn from their mistake
Crawling under the blanket of dad’s security

Lighting up a bonfire on the oceans shore
Making love to last thing on my mind
And when the fire has burnt down we’ve opened a new door
To love and peace and comfort and dreams for all menkind

As I Walked Away (Walter F. Diet)

Dago de Levie: Double Bass, Annika Fehling: Vocals, Ray Hatfield: El. Guitar
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitar
If I am at home, I wanna leave. If I am away, I become homesick.
Can anybody serve me right?

I don’t know where I travel, I don’t know where I go
There are so many steps on the road
I am sure I am missing I am sure that I long
For the tender sweet hands to carry my load

Sure as I walked away I will return one day
As the sand runs through; we find a differnet view

Love the tender sweet comfort there’s a need to feel the pain
It’s a dangerous game we play
There’s a charm in the longing there’s a charm in a home
Torn between two paths along the way

Can you help me to find me can you forgive what I do
Can you dig why I just mess around
Is it the shit that always happens is it the what cookies do
Can I raise my head before my ego drowns

Fate Brings The Excuses For The Fool (Walter F. Diet)

Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitar, El. Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano

When suspition hit the ground apology is much too late
A little wind has changed the wether tempted fate
When the storm comes in the purple clouds fade into grey
For fate brings excuses for the fool

This is my love, this is my love
The road I travel in both directions is a dead end street
This is my love, this is my love
The sun and the rain make a rainbow when they meet

Desperation is the semen it’s poisening our brain
The logical song is out of tune and wrong notes offer pain
But once they got you there is no way
For fate brings excuses for the fool

Just Another Step (Walter F. Diet)

Michael Buck: Piano, Nancy McAnally: Vocals
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Drums, Bass, Percussion
Just a few hours at the sea or at a lake, or on a mountain, by yourself change
the whole attitude to life. At least for the next couple of hours.

The winds come in from the ocean, it’s the turning of the tide
Ages waiting for the water, it’s a full moon tonight

Times have changed wince we’ve been here
Clocks are slowing down
Just another step to the worlds end
A long way from the town

Come and move in a little closer, I’m in the palm of your hand
It’s the magical silence, when the water touches land

So many stars in the black sky, never had the time to watch
Never find the time for our dreams, the unimportand seemed too much

Sail On (Walter F. Diet)

Dago de Levie: Bass, Wolfgang Kehrer: Vocals
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitars, Piano. Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica
Music can’t change the world! One of the most stupid and ignorant sentences I have ever heard. Obviousely I will not stop any war or feed the starving, but if somebody comes home in a better (or worse) mood after one of my gigs, his world has changed a little bit. People like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez, at least partly, have stopped wars. And they have changed my life.

If a husband brings home a smile, if a mother don’t hit her son
If one boy don’t join the army I’m happy with what I’ve done
If the beauty forgets the beast for a while, if a man don’t close the door
If one child don’t loose his home, that’s what I’m singing for

Sail on songboat
The wind might guide you on your way
Sail on songboat
Two hands of water every day

If the lover says the words of love, if the begger can stand the rain
If anyone sees the light in the tunnel then I will try again
If you’re going out on the street to wave the freedom flag
Let me be the songsmith to support your back

If any of my little dream come true then I feel fine
I fulfill what I expect from any song of mine
And if no line ever finds it’s way to the soul where it belongs
Why should I give up, any day’s a day for a new try so I write on

Tie Line (Walter F. Diet)

Martyn Oram: Violin, Ac. Lead Guitar, Mandolin
Walter F. Diet: Ac. Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Bass
They all started in good faith and they all (!) Failed. They all fell for money and power and corruption. For a long time I wanted to become a politisian, and I am so happy I didn’t.

I’m loosing the tie line and I don’t know where to go
Can you show me the way to to the centre of my heart
I’m loosing the tie line and I don’t know where to go
Can you save me before my precept falls apart

I started in good faith and I wanted to change the world
To equality and freedom and brotherhood
And I got elected I was the pride of my girl
She believed that I’m straight and stay for good

Now I know the taste of champagne and I sit in the swimming pool
And the girls do all the things that my girl should
And I eat fisheggs and the havanna is oh so cool
And they tell me of the nonsence of Robin Hood

I’m driving a new car just to get to the test in time
Incurancy and tax and petrol paid
And the suit from Hugo and the haircut and the shoes do rhyme
And a bit of cash but believe me I’m still straight

And a ticket for the balkony and a seat for my favourite team
And a little holiday for my family
And two guys at my garden gate and the front door on the screen
All for my beloved’s security

It’s a strange misterium my friends have disappeared
And a hippy in a caravan holds my babys hand
Although I did everything to keep them satisfied
I never heard a word of devotion in the end

Weird women surround me glossy lips and shiny teeth
And a brain the size of a bundel of double 0 notes
Silicon for the camera and always flirting with the lense
And when she’s kissing me her eyes never close

The Winds Are Coming In (Walter F. Diet)

Nancy Mc Anally: Vocals, Rossi BM: Strings, Dago de Levie: Bass, Kit Morgan: Cl. Guitar, El. Guitars
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitars, Drums, Percussion
Lonelyness is possibly the most dangerous dicease in this world. I love the idea that the guitarist on this song might have touched Vanessa Mae. And I have touched him – so how much closer can you get?

She puts on as candle in the corner
Rolls herself in her only scarf
The winds are coming in
She made herself a cup of tea
The seaguls cry from out at sea again
The winds are coming in
The sun didn’t arise since he’s gone
The sun didn’t arise since he’s gone

A million times the same old song
That gave them wings when times were hard
The winds are coming in
The taste of their favourite wine
It’s years since their good times did part
The winds are coming in
The sun didn’t arise since he’s gone
The sun didn’t arise since he’s gone

The climaxe of their love did fail
Kids never stumbeled down the hall
The winds are coming in
Sometimes she gets a friendly card
From comrads once a year a christmas call
The winds are coming in
The sun didn’t arise since he’s gone
The sun didn’t arise since he’s gone

For years she’s acing a bad back
And her heart should have had some support
The winds are coming in
She never believed in chemistry
Kept the collection and now she….

This Old Guitar (Walter F. Diet)

Martyn Oram: Mandolin, Dago de Levie: Bass
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitar, Drums, Harmonica

It is just an old Epiphone
A cheapo that I bought in ’79
A nothing for Clapton with a lousy tone
But the first one that was mine
It hasen’t got the pickup of Taylor guitar
And Martin is far away
Not even as good as some japanese thing
But it stayed with me all the way

It tought how to move my fingers on the board
Played the first love song for my wife
The lady disappeared a long time ago
But the guitar’s still in my life
When I was broke with tears in my eyes
I sold it to my father in law
And in his last will he wrote down
It had to go to where it once was before

Gimme the sound of that rattling e-string
And play me the drone of the c
A grin on every guitarist’s face
A real smile to me

The whole house drownes in guitars these days
Brands, you name them, they are all alright
But this old rotton Epiphone
Is the piece on which I sill write
Songs that will never make it to the charts
And will never get any radio play
But some might make it into somebody’s heart
And one might make somebody’s day

The WeeFiddler / Chilly’s Dance (Walter F. Diet)

Dago de Levie: Bass, Martyn Oram: Mandolin, Violin, Vocals, Wolfgang Kehrer: Vocals
Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Percussion
Old man sometimes reflect over their youth. The ones who sing and play on that song
are part of my younger days (and they still are)

And I liked the ladies a smoke and the booze
Never cared bout the don’ts always followed the dos
And a fine hand of cards and the rolling the dice
And a shake on the danceflor and the look of brown eyes

When I was a wee fiddler when I was in my prime
And the girls loves my body and I loved cheap wine
And we sang round the campfire and we howled at the moon
And we never expected youth to end so soon

We played easy rider and we hiked down to Spain
We lived for the moment and we made love in the rain
And we never accepted old age and lies
We were the peak of young age the best of good guys

Days came and went and I got me a wife
And a handfull of kids and a bourgoise life
And I was in charge and the money came in
And I totally forgot where once i have been

And I built me a house with a house for my car
I was ever so well off and I was the star
Money made sexy and I was in my prime
Rocking the best age good food and good wine

Now I’m in my autumn the doc rules my life
Be short on the red wine and take care with your wife
Now I watch my neighblour when she changes her clothes
Then I take my tablet against the youth overdose

My days are counted I live retrospect
I wrote my last will and my funeral is checked
Is there anything but life that I can loose
Gimme cheap wine and women gimme travelling and booze

Tender Temptation (Walter F. Diet)

Walter F. Diet: Vocals, Ac. Guitars, Bass, Piano

Your smile is just like a mountain stream
Clear and honest and natural and clean
Your eyes tell the truth while your words keep it cool
And your smile uncovers you know I am the fool
Promises given no game and no rule

When we stick together, we’re in different times
We’re leaving the castle and everything rhymes
No borders no walls and no hidden lies
The roof left the house and the devil doubt dies
When we stick together, we’re in different times

Come on you sinner be the angel of mine
Come on you devil be the lord of our time
You tender temptation ocean of love
Much too big for this suit but you fit like a glove

You’re so full of fear and i’m so full of pride
And I am so full of dark and you are the light
When we dream ourselves into the house in the park
A fire in the stove and a grey wolf that barks
You’re holding my soul when the sun kisses the dark

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